OpenExam is a service platform for conducting electronic exams (CBE). Currently it consist of a web interface, a backend system delivering web services (SOAP/REST) and different tools. The system has been in use since 2010-2011 and is mainly used within Uppsala University.

Who can use it?

All employees at UU can freely use without needing to contacting anyone to gain access. Upon entering the system for first time, all employees are granted the teacher role (granting permission to create new exams) automatic. The work on an exam can be organized either centralized or distributed depencing on user preferences.


The system has enterprise grade capabilities like support for multiple user domains (realms) for authentication and directory information. Result PDF's can be generated from dynamic web content like Javascript applications or Java applets. Supports integration with external systems using web services and custom roles or authenticators (e.g. hostname login).


The current system setup uses keepalive and LVS to provide load balancing and redundancy (failover) for web, file storage and database. Each of these core functions has their own replication partner ready to take over if the master should stop working.